March 2o20 update

Good evening or morning whenever you start to read this :) Here are a few updates to share:


Things have changed significantly since my last email. I hope that you and your family are staying healthy and doing everything possible to avoid contracting or spreading the coronavirus. Councilman Reyngoudt and I have been trying to keep everyone updated as much as possible. To be frank, we have received almost no information from the Mayor. Please follow and share our Facebook posts so we can continue to update our neighbors.

Upcoming Council meeting 3/24

Tuesday night at 8pm we will have a Council meeting. Many local governments have turned to Zoom or other online platforms to have their meetings, but not us! If you have ever been on our town website, you'll understand why we are incapable of this. However, the public will be able to call in and ask questions and I encourage you to do so. During this time, we are looking for leadership, let's see if it shows up.

CALL: (425)-436-6309

code: 866566#

2020 Election - Hillmann & Mucci - Team Heights

Three years ago, I won my seat on the HH Council and I will be pursuing re-election. I have done my best to represent you and hope I will have your support. As always, we have been asking around to find candidates, and we are fortunate that Adam Mucci has stepped up to join our team this year. If you know him already that is great! If not, you will get to know him soon.

We need to get 15 signatures to get on the ballot. If you can sign documents electronically, please let me know. If you are willing to learn how to sign electronically, please let me know. Petitions are due 3/30 at 4pm.

Please stay home as much as possible. I know it is hard. I hate it. But we need to do our best so sick people can get the care they need.

From my family to yours, stay healthy!


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