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12/8/2020 Council Meeting & 12/9 Board of Health Meeting

Council Agenda

  • Dorothy Bernice announced her #retirement and we wish her well!

  • We continued our contract with Bergen County for Animal Control.

  • We approved well deserved stipends for our HHFD & HHEMS.

  • We will have virtual meetings for the remainder of 2020! Just one meeting (12/22), but hopefully a step forward for the future.

  • The HHFD will receive new radios and protective clothing/equipment. Super important!

Six ordinances were introduced regarding salaries for our municipal employees. There will be public comment on those during the next meeting on 12/22.

During public comment we again spoke about Woodland Park and the potential for updating the basketball court. Councilman Lipari again expressed his concerns, not only for the aesthetic but also the cost. He expressed his desire that councilmembers should figure out how much a rehab of basketball courts would cost prior to us moving forward. A strange request for an elected council of our neighbors, people who are not skilled in pricing out such an expense. Honestly, I have no idea how much a rehab of the basketball court at Woodland Park would cost, but that is why we hire professionals to let us know. Councilman Reyngoudt, Councilman Kistner, and I argued that we need experts to help us figure out the cost and we will continue to advocate for a better #WoodlandPark.

12/9/20 Health Committee Meeting

It was announced this evening that HH has had a total of 508 positive #COVID cases and 18 deaths. Cases are going up! Continue to take precautions, wash hands, and wear face masks. #maskupnj

I asked why Bergen County announced yesterday that HH had 460 cases and how we are communicating our results. Unfortunately, it seems there is a disconnect between our Borough and Bergen County. The County announces results regularly and HH does not. Every time you see the County results for how many positive COVID cases we have or had, assume it is more.

Please stay safe. 18 deaths in our small town is too many.


Councilman Chris Hillmann

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