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January 2020 Update

Hi everyone! Thanks for dropping in today, and if you couldn't make it we hope to see you soon :)

Steven & I will be having another coffee meet up 2/23, 9:30am at KTB.Facebook event link: Click going, share, like, LOVE!

Short update on what's happening in town:

HH has a new Borough Attorney. An important position and one of our highest paid posts. We also now have a borough attorney emeritus. We will be monitoring to see how this will effect our spending. The new appointment was a surprise to some council members, as were other appointments made since the start of the new year. We continue to make our displeasure with these surprises known to the Mayor and majority Republicans.

At our last council meeting on 1/14 two new ordinances were tabled (which means these ordinances were supposed to be voted on but the council voted to not vote on these at this time). The first ordinance tabled had to do with how long businesses are allowed to keep up holiday lights. The second ordinance created a new employee title, "Personnel Administrator." Every ordinance has an introduction and at the following meeting a public hearing. We will update you in case there is a public hearing in the future if you would like to voice your opinion in person, or via your council members.

At last week's library board of trustees meeting(1/21) the room was packed in support of our librarian Mimi Hui and her staff. You may have heard rumors surrounding Mimi's future employment, but we are glad to report that for the time-being our librarian is staying put! You can read more about that situation here:

Feel free to ask any followup questions by replying to this email.

Finally, we have a council meeting on Tuesday(1/28) at 8pm. Feel free to attend if you're available or check your email for our next alert. Also, TUESDAY IS MY BIRTHDAY, so after the Council meeting we will have a mini-celebratory drink at the Heights Bar & Grill. I hope to arrive by 9:30, but if not look for other friendly faces and I will be there soon.  If you'd like to donate a few bucks to my facebook birthday fundraiser for the Friends of the HH Library, you can find that here:

So much more us, follow us, share us, help us spread the word. More website updates are coming soon

Talk soon,

Chris Hillmann


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