February 2020 Update

Happy Valentines Day team! <3

Hitting your inbox with a few updates.

Join us for Coffee with Councilmen will be 2/23 at 9:30am at KTB

Facebook event page for for you to share:

Council meeting update:

On Tuesday your Democratic Councilmen abstained on a vote to appoint a lawyer for the lawsuit filed by one of our police officers. We were given no information prior to this vote, so we could not vote in favor of a appointing a lawyer when we had ZERO information,

Also, our municipal government has found it necessary to ban string lights(like on a christmas tree\( in the business along the boulevard, unless it is associated with holidays, from Thanksgiving to Jan. 10 of each year. If you take a drive down our Boulevard you will notice several tasteful lighting displays in windows which will now be illegal for no reason. Your Democratic Councilmen voted against this measure.

Next Tuesday is our monthly library board meeting. I plan to attend again, as i did last month. Our library board and staff are doing great work and deserve our support! please join me, 2/18 at 7:30pm upstairs to the left at the library.Come on out!

Some upcoming events:

This Saturday is the Chinese New Year celebration to benefit the Friends of the Library. Tickets are $42. If you're interested in joining me i will be buying tickets saturday. let me know! so much food and it was delicious last year!


Here is a link to our FB event page:

I hope you will join us to raise money for our students!

Let me know what you want to hear about! reply to this email, forward to HH friends!



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