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Meet the 2021 Candidates

Delivering Results for Our Community

Re-Elect Steven Reyngoudt (2019 - Present)

Steven was first elected to the Hasbrouck Heights Council in 2018.

He is the Commissioner of Social Services & Deputy Commissioner for Health. A past Commissioner of Transportation. 

A lifelong resident of Hasbrouck Heights, Steven graduated from Hasbrouck Heights High School in 1993. He and his wife Dana have three daughters. Steven is a graduate of Rowan University and works as a fine wine consultant with Gallo Wine Sales of NJ as well as a shop steward with UFCW Local 2D. Steven is a past president of the Hasbrouck Heights Soccer Association, board member from 2011-2018, and currently coaching soccer and softball.

email him for government issues at:

email him for political issues at:

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Elect Adam Mucci

Adam has lived in Hasbrouck Heights from 1981-1998, 2014-2020. He grew up in Hasbrouck Heights and understand what it means to live in this special town. Adam has made lifelong friends in HH through school, sports, and the theater. He is proud to be an Aviator. Adam is a successful business owner. For the last 25 years, he has been working as an actor having appeared in over 35 different films and television shows, 50 commercials, and worked with some of the most influential actors and directors of our time.

Adam understands the importance of giving back and volunteering in your town. He has coached Junior Football, Little League Baseball, and both Recreation and Travel Basketball. He was on the Zoning Board in 2015 as well as created and taught an acting class for the Hasbrouck Heights Recreation Department.

Adam Stated: "I am running for Council because I want to make sure that our town not only continues to be the great place I remember as a child but that it continues to grow with the times. I grew up here, yes, but this town belongs to everyone who lives here. And everyone should have the same opportunities and not just a select few. We need to become a true Stigma-Free town not just put up the signs. I promise that I will make sure that I represent ALL of you. I promise that I will always work to improve our town's services for all the residents of our town, adults, children, their parents, and the senior citizens.  I have no desire to run for any county office or any other office other than those in Hasbrouck Heights. This town means a lot to me and I want to make sure that our tax dollars are spent wisely and that the best people are chosen to represent us with only the best intentions always."

Email Adam:

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